The Right Tennis Movements

March 20, 2010

What is the right footwork for a tennis player? How to move well on the tennis court? I will try to answer these questions in order to help you to improve your tennis game.

Tennis movements are very various and there are many different ways to move on a tennis court. Tennis is a complex activity that involves movements in every direction in order to get to the balls but also to recover. The best tennis players are the ones using a right technique in their movements but also the ones that are able to do this very quickly.

First of all a tennis player needs to execute a split step before every shot. This split step is done while the opponent hits the ball. It is a very small and short hop that allows you to be on the ball of your feet in a wide stance. The player will then be ready to move in any direction. This is the basis to have a good footwork. A split step has to be done before every single shot and allows the player to be light on his feet and to be ready to move to the ball.

A tennis player rarely does more than 4 steps to go to the ball. It is then very important to be explosive and quick on the first steps. Depending or where the ball is going to bounce the player will have to move in a different way. Being able to read the shot of your opponent is a key in order to move well.

If the ball is going to bounce next to you usually one side step is enough to be in the right positions. If the ball is deep you will have to move back very quick in order to hit the ball while you are moving forward. If you are late you will still be off balance while you are hitting and then the shot will not be efficient.

For most of the shots the player will have to move around 3 steps to the backhand or forehand side. The most efficient way is to move forward and in diagonal to the ball. After the split test, step forward with the leading leg in the direction of the ball and at the same time push off the ground with the opposite foot. This will allow you to have an explosive and quick first step. Once the leading leg is back on the ground push off hard on the ground and bring your other leg in front of you, then set you up and you should be able to hit an efficient shot.

If you have to run for a short ball, right after the split step explode forward an avoid doing a step back. This is a common mistake that costs time. Your first step has to be forward in the direction of the ball.

Moving to the ball is one thing but now you need to recover well in order to be ready for the next shot. The most efficient way after a shot is to do a cross over step and then to side step back. This is a lot quicker and more efficient than doing only side steps to recover.

All those different steps need a good coordination and of course they need to be practiced. A lot of tennis players could be a lot better if they were using a correct technique while they move to the ball and recover. The best way to train movements is agility training on the court. Moving to a cone, doing a shadow and recovering at the starting point are good drills to improve the movements. Because there is no tennis balls involved the player can really focus on his movements and learn the right technique. After a little while he will not think about, it will be automatic and then he will be able to use this with live balls.

Learning the good tennis movements is mandatory to become a great tennis player. Visit to get specific fitness programs that will emphasize agility training and will teach you how to move better.


Why Use a Tennis Strength and Conditioning Coach?

February 16, 2010

A tennis strength and conditioning coach is a fitness coach specialized in tennis. Their role is becoming more and more important in the actual tennis. Tennis players are more and more fit an the activity is more and more demanding Following a basic conditioning program or working out in the gym on your own will already be a good start but it is far from being enough if you want to become a very good tennis player.

A tennis strength and conditioning coach knows the activity and will be able to design specific fitness training for tennis. Each activity has specificity and if players want to follow an efficient strength and conditioning training it really has to be specific to the activity.

In most of the institution that propose high performance training you will find a strength and conditioning coach or fitness trainer that will be in charge of the strength training, cardio training, agility training, flexibility training. All those areas need to be trained in a specific way in order to maximize the results.

Strength and conditioning coaches are in all colleges and universities and their role is fundamental on all the different activities. In good tennis academies you will also find at least one strength and conditioning specialist or a fitness trainer.

Strength and conditioning coaches will usually test the players to target their weaknesses and strengths.

Then they will design the programs for the kids to work on their overall fitness but also on their specific fitness. Fitness coaches are also very important to help preventing injuries or rehabilitating the players who were injured.

Their role is to make sure that the kids follow the right physical development and that their fitness training is specific to tennis.

Tennis strength and conditioning coach is a well known function that can really help a tennis player to improve their game. They work with the tennis coaches to elaborate the specific needs of the players and to find the best way to make them improve. In a good training environment you should find a good cohesion and communication between the tennis coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches.

Not every one has the opportunity to work with a fitness coach. You can read books or find drills on the internet but the best way is to get a fitness program specific for tennis. It is always harder to work alone but at least if you follow well a program it will help you to get better. will give you the opportunity to get your own strength and conditioning program designed by a professional tennis strength and conditioning coach. You will just have to follow the instructions and get your different workouts done. This will be one of the most efficient way to improve your tennis game.

Fitness Training For Tennis

January 22, 2010

Fitness Training for tennis is one of the keys to become a great tennis player. Strength and conditioning can be start at any age and the better the players are the most important it will be. Beginners and young players should start some fitness training by doing footwork drills and balance exercises because this will help them to move well on the court, be set up properly and to execute efficients shots.

Tennis players have to be complete athletes and fitness training should represent 30% of their practice time when they start to reach a high level. They need to follow a specific fitness program for tennis which will include strength, agility, cardio and flexibility training. All those different areas need to be worked regularly, focusing only on strength training for example will not be enough. A right balance needs to be found between tennis training, strength training, agility training and cardio training.

At a good level, pretty much all the players know how to execute groundstrokes, but the difference will be in the power of those shots, the way they are moving on the court, and how long a player can last before being tired. Tennis is an activity that can last over 5 hours with a repetition of short and intense efforts. Following a specific cardio training will help the players to have a good endurance and stamina. This will allow them to recover better an faster between points and also they will be able to keep a high intensity from the beginning to the end of the match.

Agility training can be done on or off court and this needs to be done with intensity in order to see results. During those workouts, players need to focus on the right technique to move to the ball but also to recover right. Agility training should be done almost every day before, during or after practice. It will help players to become a lot quicker on the court which is fundamental to compete at a high level.

The main purpose of strength training is to prevent injuries. Tennis is an intense activity on the lower and upper body and it is very important to be strong enough to handle this. Once players are older they should follow specific strength training at least twice a week. This will also increase their explosive power. The more explosive a player is the quicker and more powerful he will be while he is playing.

Flexibility training will also help players to prevent injuries. Stretching everyday after practice will help the recovery and good flexibility can be very helpful to reach some balls with extremes range of motion.

Fitness training for tennis should therefore be completely integrated in the practice if you want to be able to reach your highest level. You can learn more about fitness taining for tennis on Read the rest of this entry »